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Jewelry Tutorials

I neglected this blog for a while, I’ll admit it, but it’s because I was writing for other sites. I even wrote a couple of DIY jewelry tutorials for a site called StyleQuirk, so here they are: The first is … Continue reading

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I Made a Skirt of Which I’m Not Ashamed

I’d had my eye on this Etsy Labs tutorial for a one-hour skirt by Brett Bara for a while and I finally did it. I made myself a skirt. Not just any skirt, but a skirt I could see myself … Continue reading

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Adding Cat Nip to Crochet

Being an avid crocheter and a new cat owner, I wanted to combine my interests and make my furry friends some cat toys. I’ve already got the amigurumi down, but adding cat nip to a small crochet project broke new … Continue reading

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Now here’s a real turtle

I was on a turtle mini-roll before I posted about Twitter yesterday, so I want to get back on the turtle roll by posting photos of my beloved red eared slider, Speedy. I got to visit him at my parents’ … Continue reading

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How to Make Spring Flowers

In the spring mood? Want to bring some spring to your fridge or magnetic board? Grab your crochet hook because here comes a tutorial on how to make my crochet flowers. Materials F/5 – 3.75mm crochet hook acrylic yarn darning … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up After Baby

If there’s one thing I know about babies, it’s that they’re messy. There’s spit-up, mushy food, and various bodily fluids everywhere. If cleaning up after babies weren’t enough work, everything around the baby has to be squeaky clean to protect … Continue reading

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Paper Flowers!

Love fresh-cut bouquets but hate having dead flowers after a few days? Me too. Sometimes they even get a funky smell coming from them… not the pleasant floral fragrance, but a stagnant swamp water kinda smell… Yep, that’s gross. Silk … Continue reading

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The Simplest Blanket You Can Knit

  Can you knit a dishcloth? Then you can knit a blanket. The only differences are bigger needles, a lot more yarn, and a lot more time. . . Blankets can seem daunting because they’re so big, but you can … Continue reading

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