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I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.

Let’s Talk About My Beaver

Well, I am Canadian, so it was only a matter of time before I tried making a beaver. Just like a real beaver, this one looks slightly terrifying up close (but only slightly.) I think I made the teeth too … Continue reading

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Siamese/Himalayan Cat

After making two custom orders for Siamese flat cats, I realized that it was time I offered them regularly! So here it is, a flat cat with the signature dark face of a Siamese or Himalayan cat. Perfect for fans … Continue reading

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Jewelry Tutorials

I neglected this blog for a while, I’ll admit it, but it’s because I was writing for other sites. I even wrote a couple of DIY jewelry tutorials for a site called StyleQuirk, so here they are: The first is … Continue reading

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Sad Sperm

I recently made a really fun custom order and I had to share it: the sad sperm. When an Etsy user first asked me to put X’s for eyes and a frowny face on one of my crocheted sperm, I … Continue reading

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I Made a Skirt of Which I’m Not Ashamed

I’d had my eye on this Etsy Labs tutorial for a one-hour skirt by Brett Bara for a while and I finally did it. I made myself a skirt. Not just any skirt, but a skirt I could see myself … Continue reading

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It’sa Me, Marrrrio, Hiding a Hole in de Wall

We recently renovated an unused room in our basement and turned it into a man cave for the hubs. While working on it, we came face-to-face with the odd choices made by the former owners during previous renovations. I’m talking … Continue reading

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This Opossum Is More Athletic Than I Am

I’m going to admit it, I don’t find opossums very cute, but this video is warming me up to them. Here’s Ratatouille, the Snowboarding Opossum. Maybe it’s the sweater? Add a sweater to any creature and it automatically gets an … Continue reading

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