I’m a nerd with a need to make cute things! I run the Etsy shop Colleen’s Creations and now I want to run a craft blog too. This blog is meant to showcase my latest projects, a few patterns, and links to craft sites I find interesting.

The women in my family instilled a passion for crafting in me from a young age: my grandmother taught me to sew when I was 7, my mother taught me to knit when I was 8, and I taught myself to crochet last year with a few tips from my mother-in-law. My friends and family inspire my projects: I first made sperm out of yarn for my friend in the sexual health field; my sister’s love for funny-looking cats inspired my Flat Cats; my other sister’s status as a foodie got me started on felt pasta; my husband asked me to make him a turtle so I based my turtle design on my beloved pet red-eared slider, Speedy. Once I get an idea for a new creation, I work at it from scratch until I’ve made my vision a reality.

When I’m not crafting, I enjoy finding spelling and grammatical errors in published works, reading, walking, playing Scrabble, watching trashy television, and dazzling others with my knowledge of trivia.


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