I Made a Skirt of Which I’m Not Ashamed

The skirt I made!

I’d had my eye on this Etsy Labs tutorial for a one-hour skirt by Brett Bara for a while and I finally did it. I made myself a skirt. Not just any skirt, but a skirt I could see myself wearing OUTSIDE. I’m pretty proud of it.

Unfortunately, when I was making this skirt, I couldn’t find the link posted above so I had to find the video for the project. The video is for a child’s skirt, and while it gets the job done for an adult-sized skirt, I think I missed some points brought up in the written version (like where on my waist I should measure. I measured my natural waist, added some inches… see below.) The plus side to the video is that Brett Bara stresses the importance of ironing the seams and holy crap, I didn’t realize how important it was. It’s important. Do it.

I used quilting fabric I found at Joann. I haven’t worn it for more than 10 minutes yet, but it seems thick enough to lay right and dark enough to hide whatever color undies I’m rocking. Unfortunately, since it’s cotton quilting fabric, it seems to get wrinkly (again, I haven’t worn it in real life yet, just trying it on.) Looks like it’s going to need another ironing before I wear it for real.

If you plan to make this skirt too, here’s a few little issues I noticed:
-I added a few inches to my waist measurement, just in case. Don’t do that. Keep in mind that you already have enough material to wrap around your waist twice so you don’t need a few extra inches.
-It made me look 3 sizes wider when I first tried it on. Turns out the elastic in the waistband was twisted, adding some bulk, but even when I flattened it back out there was still way too much fabric going on. I evened out the gathers, but I still looked really wide. I ended up taking the skirt apart, cutting about 4 inches off of each piece of fabric, and then sewing it back together. It looks much better now.
-I wish I added pockets! I’ve never added pockets to anything, but in my mind it seems like a simple task. I don’t want to take this skirt apart again, but if I make another I would definitely add pockets along the side seams.
-It took me more than an hour, but I sewed it by hand. I know, I’m insane. Sewing machines have always scared me, my mother’s would jam if I so much as looked at it, plus I don’t sew enough to need one now. That said, it takes more than an hour, but it can be done. You can hand sew this skirt if you have nothing to do one weekend and you’re incredibly patient.
-Iron your seams! It makes it a lot easier, especially if you’re sewing by hand since it acts as a line to follow. Everything lies flat, and as you can see from my second little note, you definitely need it to lay flat or you’re going to look misshapen.


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I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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1 Response to I Made a Skirt of Which I’m Not Ashamed

  1. blaanca says:

    well done, a cute result. thanks for your work!

    maybe you’d like to sew a dress? this may be your inspiration http://kleinekleinigkeiten.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/easy-peasy-tut/

    warm regards

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