It’sa Me, Marrrrio, Hiding a Hole in de Wall

Mario cross stitch

We recently renovated an unused room in our basement and turned it into a man cave for the hubs. While working on it, we came face-to-face with the odd choices made by the former owners during previous renovations. I’m talking only parts of the floor covered in linoleum (it looks like it was placed around furniture,) lighting fixtures that were far from code, poor electrical wiring, and more! One odd decision was a square hole in the wall, which they covered with a little lace cross-stitch thing that looked like it might have been older than I am (and not in the cute, vintage way.)

The hole in the wall.

After all of the other patching and spackling and painting my father-in-law helped us do all over the room, we forgot about the little square hole since it was still hidden behind the lacy cross-stitch thing. Being sick of spackling and renovations, we decided to leave it. We though about putting up a poster, but the hole is on this tiny little wall that’s barely wide enough to accommodate a small one. I decided we could take a hint from the previous owners and cover it in cross-stitch, but cute cross stitch!

Pixelated Mario.

Seeing as this hole is in a man cave, I figured I would pay homage to something the hubs loves as I tried to cross-stitch. Since I’ve never done cross stitch (unless you count threading some gimp/boondoggle through plastic canvas to make a rainbow trinket to hang off of my Girl Guide camp hat) I figured I should start with something simple, perhaps something that already looked boxy and pixelated. Mario! Hubs loves Mario, there’s already a few Nintendo posters gracing the man cave walls, and early Mario was so pixelated he was practically a cross-stitch pattern!

I Googled “pixelated Mario,” found an image, consulted the November 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living (where they featured a cross-stitch craft,) drew Mario out on graph paper to ensure that I could count the exact amount of squares, and got to work. Turns out I got a higher count of Aida cloth than I should have (both because I’m a beginner and because my design is so simple) so Mario turned out very tiny. It’s ok though, tiny Mario still covers the hole! The moral of this story is to not be afraid of cross-stitch, but to plan it out carefully before you start, read up on it as much as you can, and soon you can be making Mario cross stitches too.


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