Shout Out to the USPS

My Etsy sales have seen a sharp increase in the past few weeks so I’ve been at the post office more often than usual. I want to give props (do people still say that?) to the postal workers there for dealing with the crowds of people and their oddly shaped packages without going postal. If you’ve been in a post office recently with your eyes open, you’ve seen the ridiculous packages people are bringing in. Today I saw a plastic (lidless) tub with a piece of cardboard taped on top and… that was all the packaging to ship it with. I’ve seen box shapes that I haven’t seen since elementary school geometry. I’ve seen two families show up without boxes, tape, or any sort of shipping materials. There’s also been a few people with boxes so big they couldn’t lift them or get them through a standard door. Oh, and then there was the lady who went to the post office because she had missed the delivery of a large item but refused to take the item home with her, she wanted them to redeliver it. She was quite the ball of sunshine for the postmaster to deal with.

I’d also like to give a shout out to the USPS in general. They’re moving at super speed right now despite the extra volume. I mailed one package out to Massachusetts today (December 21st) and the estimated delivery date is tomorrow (December 22nd.) Wow! MA and RI are neighbors, but that’s still super fast at Christmastime. Even with the increased number of packages, First Class mail is still arriving in 2-3 days. Of all of the packages I’ve sent since I moved to the US, I’ve only had one not arrive at its destination; that’s a pretty good track record. On top of that, USPS shipping is incredibly affordable. It’s cheaper and faster for me to send a package from here to Canada than it is to mail a package within Canada. And they deliver on Saturdays!

Extra shout out to my very favorite postal worker, Sally, who has been super sweet about me constant trips and my business. So to everyone at the USPS, I dedicate this British children’s TV show theme song to you because I love Postman Pat and I think of this song every time I see a little USPS truck.


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I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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