The title of this post were the exact words of the scream I let out upon opening a package from my family yesterday afternoon. Why? you ask. Because my family mailed me our beloved knitted egg-shaped stuffed Santa Claus. He has made my holiday season.

Santa in the tree, Christmas 2009

We’re not quite sure who made him or exactly how he came into our family, we think my mom might have bought him at a bazaar, but he’s probably our most treasured heirloom now (pfffft, forget the Royal Doulton and the crystal.)

Up close and personal, 2008

My sisters and I like taking photos of him in weird places or doing things, so I think I’ll have to have some fun with Santa on his little trip to Rhode Island. I’m even thinking of using fishing line to create a marionette-like support system to get some really epic photos (I’m thinking he has to see the Atlantic Ocean, suspended by fishing line.) I’ll post the photos once I capture some good ones.

This post may not seem craft-related, but it totally is. Someone must have knitted this little guy way back in the day and he’s still bringing us lots of joy. So go ahead, make that cheesy Santa you were thinking about, someone will probably love him forever. On that note, if you are able to knit a similar Santa, could you make me a bunch? We love this Santa so much that we’re definitely going to need more odd knitted Santas.

Santa in Rhode Island, December 2011


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I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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