Smiling Sperm

I recently received a custom request from a lovely lady who wanted a crocheted sperm with a smiley face on it. This isn’t the first time I received this request, but it was the first time it worked out well.

The first time I was asked to make a sperm with a smiley face, it was by a friend of mine. I tried a variety of ways to stitch a face on with black yarn (my usual choice when adding a face) but it looked hideous as you can see from the photo.

I took another stab at it, thinking that maybe if I put the face on the side it’d make it cuter. No such luck. On the plus side, it looked less like a shark than the first one did, but it still wasn’t the cute smiley sperm that my friend and I had envisioned. At this point, I told her that I couldn’t possibly be proud of any sperm with a face, so I couldn’t possibly make her one.

Then I got a message on Etsy. Always up for a challenge and armed with plastic safety eyes, I decided to give a smiley sperm one more chance. Those little plastic eyes make all the difference, there’s something so cute about the shine and the roundness. Plus I used embroidery floss for the mouth instead of yarn to keep the whole a face a little smaller and more delicate, which are important factors in cuteness. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out! I spent a lot of time admiring my own handiwork on this one. Here is my smiley sperm masterpiece:


I plan on making another smiley sperm for my friend who originally requested it. She’ll probably be pretty surprised given that it’s been almost a year since I told her it couldn’t be done. Hopefully she’s not reading this right now. If she is, A, please forget you ever saw this post so you can be pleasantly surprised later.


About clln

I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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