Tortoises Are Up (Finally)

Happy American Thanksgiving, everyone! I spent Canadian Thanksgiving with my family in Canada and got no crafting done, so this US version will be different. I’m up way too early for a holiday, so I’m going to get stuff done. I’m getting caught up on Colleen’s Creations and listing items that should have gone up a while ago as well as continuing work on ongoing projects (you should see the pile of octopuses I have going for an upcoming event.)

Tortoise Amigurumi

In the meantime, I finally listed the crocheted tortoises on Etsy. They’re extremely similar to my turtles, only in lighter colors and with a taller shell. Plus, you know, they’re of the Testudinidae family and not of the Testudines one (thanks Wikipedia.) They’re available here if you’re looking for a cute stocking stuffer for a reptile-lover.

If you wanted to make one of these yourself, my crochet turtle pattern can be easily adapted. Just add a couple extra rows (probably about 3 or 4, I play it by ear) to the shell after R9. In related news, the Little Turtle Crochet Pattern is back in my Etsy shop.


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I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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