Now here’s a real turtle

I was on a turtle mini-roll before I posted about Twitter yesterday, so I want to get back on the turtle roll by posting photos of my beloved red eared slider, Speedy. I got to visit him at my parents’ house over Canadian Thanksgiving (he’s living there until we figure out how to safely and legally make Speedy a US permanent resident.) He may not seem craft-related, but he was my muse for my crocheted turtles after my husband asked me to make him one. So here’s Speedy!

Speedy, petrified at the idea of being out of his tank

He used to walk all over the place, but he hadn't been set free on the floor since I left so he was pretty scared.

Me and my cold-blooded baby.

He’s afraid of me now… Oh well, we will bond again one day. Until then, I have my crocheted turtle and Speedy has my dad, who lovingly feeds him gourmet turtle food.


About clln

I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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