The Tortoise

When I first ran out of my traditional turtle colors of yarn, I sifted through my yarn stash to find appropriate replacements. While I didn’t initially find great turtle colors, I did find some great tortoise colors. I’d wanted to make a tortoise for a while but I wanted to find a way to differentiate it from the turtles. I thought back to a super cute tan/light brown/golden tortoise I saw in a pet store years ago while picking up turtle food. I instantly fell in love with the little guy, he looked like a little old man. I based my crocheted tortoise on that tortoise from the pet store, using light colors to replicate his very tall, beigey-tan shell.

My tortoise

The main difference between the turtles and the tortoise is the super tall shell. I’m no expert, but the main difference I noticed between my red eared slider turtle and the adorable little tortoise from the pet store was that the tortoise had a really high shell (and that turtles are aquatic, of course.) So my tortoise is really just a tall turtle.

My turtle and my tortoise comparing their heights.

Unfortunately, I ran out of the green I used for his shell too (I’m running out of every yarn!) so there is a very limited amount of tortoises in these colors. I’ll work on finding more suitable tortoise colors with the little pet shop tortoise in mind. In the mean time, these limited edition tortoises will be making their debut in my Etsy shop soon.


About clln

I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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