Colored Colored Hippos

Purple Hippos

Thanks to a custom order from an incredibly lovely lady on Etsy, I’ve been inspired to start making hippos in more colors. Sure, the grey one is great and all, but why not have brightly-colored hippos? Here’s the first round of colorful hippos. If your favorite color isn’t represented, you can also shoot me a message on Etsy for a custom order.

Purple Hippo available here

Bright Purple Hippo

Blue Crocheted Hippo available here

Blue Crocheted Hippo

Green Crocheted Hippo available here

Green Crocheted Hippo

Light Purple Crocheted Hippo available here

Light Purple Crocheted Hippo


About clln

I'm a big-time crafter, small-time blogger. I recently moved from Toronto, ON, to Westerly, RI, and the change is pretty big. Luckily, I have a supportive husband who doesn't mind finding little pieces of yarn all over the house.
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