Spring in September: Bunnies

If it’s ok to think about Christmas in July, is it also ok to think about Easter in September? As I mentioned last week, while trying to prepare extra items for the winter holidays, I got distracted and started on a spring-ish kick. It all started with making a bunny for my cousin (she cornered me at my mom’s birthday party and asked me to make her one.) While shaping the bunny’s head, I finally figured out how I could shape an egg (the combination of stitches had eluded me for a while.) So then I made a little robin’s egg, then a bunch of pastel Easter eggs. A few days later, inspired by all of the clover growing in my yard, I decided to make shamrock magnets that would be suitable for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. You see, everything made sense at the time, I’m not just dreaming of spring time.

Three little crocheted bunnies

Today I would like to reveal my bunnies. I needed to make a brown bunny for my cousin to look like her bunny, Suuvy, so I made the tan one. My mom informed me that Suuvy is actually dark brown, so then I made the dark brown bunny. Then I was just on a bunny-making kick (much like actually rabbits are) so I made the grey bunny. Next up is a white bunny.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll reveal the eggs.


About clln

I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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