It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… Oh Crap

I’m slowly coming to the realization that the holidays are right around the corner. Time to get Christmas gifts done and out of the way. Time to make cozy hats and mittens for my loved ones. It’s also about time that I start adding strings to hand my amigurumi creatures from Christmas trees, maybe even turning tiny Flat Cats into ornaments. I’ve always offered this in my item description for the bees, but I tend to forget with the other items.

Just as a note, if you’d ever like an item from my Etsy shop to be hangable, just send me a message in the notes to seller or send me a message before placing your order and I’d be happy to add a string (and it’s free, of course.) The strings work best with the smaller items that will be light enough to hang like the octopus, turtle, bumblebees, and the small Flat Cats. I’m still trying to figure out a good way to hang the sperm since the tail will just be flopping downward like it’s immobile. I’d like to think that my sperm are fertile and mobile, as fertile and mobile as yarn sperm can be, so when I come up with a way to keep the tail firm, I’ll consider hanging them. But hey, if you’d like a floppy-tailed sperm hanging on your holiday tree, I will not judge you. Let me know and I’ll add a string.

Hanging strings are an obvious choice, but then there’s accessories. Hubby suggests I give the Flat Cats Santa hats. Cute? Cheesy? I’m not sure. Then again, I’ve been considering giving the octopuses some top hats for a while now, so why not a Santa hat? I’d appreciate thoughts on adding hats if you’d like to contribute in the comments. Stay tuned to future blog posts for updates on animal hats. I know you’re dying to know if they’ll all be wearing hats soon.


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I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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