Two-Toned Flat Cats

Inspired by Scugie, a vicious but adorable cat belonging to my parents’ neighbor, I decided there needed to be a black and white Flat Cat. Scugie (pronounced Skoo-GEE) captured our hearts with his fluffiness, then scared us crapless with his teeth and claws. Since no one could snuggle with The Scug, I figured I could make a snuggly Flat Cat in his honor. So here it is, the two-toned Flat Cat:

It’s not quite Scugie, but it’s closer. I may have to find a material that’s fluffier than eco-fi felt before I can truly capture Scugie’s essence. In the meantime, I’ll be listing this one in my Etsy shop as well as the grey version.

The grey two-toned Flat Cat


About clln

I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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