When Custom Goes Wrong: Fat Horse

Well, I shouldn’t say “wrong,” maybe “not right” would be more accurate. I mean, you can tell what it’s supposed to be, it just looks ridiculous. You see, a friend of mine asked me to make a horse to be given to a group of men speaking at a conference at which she’s volunteering. This is a serious conference and these are serious speakers. They need a serious horse. What I came up with is not a serious horse (in my defense, look at my portfolio, serious is not my forte.) Let me introduce you to my creation, Fat Horse:

Oh, Fat Horse. The head was turning out so well, but then the body got so fat. I could probably even him out a bit by making the head bigger, but the body will never look like the lean, graceful creature that I based it on. If I make the body thinner, he won’t really stand up. While I normally keep working at something until I get it right, I know that this will never look good enough to be given to a serious scientist so I’ve aborted this custom mission.

Fat Horse is not a loss though. He makes me laugh with his long, luxurious, Fabio-esque hair and his chubby body and legs. I think what could take Fat Horse to the next level is making Fat Unicorn. I need to find some sparkly yarn and the next fat equine I make will be the finest, most comical crocheted horse ever.


About clln

I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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2 Responses to When Custom Goes Wrong: Fat Horse

  1. skenn454 says:

    Well, short and fat is my favorite type of horse.
    It usually turns out they are the most fun to ride (I call challenges fun) as they will do whatever it takes, including going through trees and fences, to get food. Though, the ride is usually nice, because they are so squishy, and the fall isnt that far. So all is good in the long run… which won’t be that long if the grass is close.

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