The Next Frontier: Plastic Eyes

While walking through Joann the other day, I spotted something elusive. Something I’ve wanted to try for months but lacked the resources and the guts to obtain: black plastic safety eyes. They seem simple enough, but very few stores carry them. Without knowing how I’d like them, I didn’t want to commit to ordering them in bulk online. I finally found a few small packages, snapped them up, and now I’m in love. Those little eyes give such a polished look that yarn just can’t replicate. Here’s some octopods I’ve given plastic eyes:

My little octopods with 6mm eyes.

My red octopus with 9mm eyes.

Turquoise octopus with 9mm eyes.

I’m flying through my little supply of eyes I bought at Joann so I’m going to order a whole bunch off of Etsy soon. I’ll still use yarn for projects that have really tiny heads and can’t accommodate the stem of the eye or in projects that have to stay completely soft, but otherwise I’m a plastic eye convert. I love love love these plastic eyes!


About clln

I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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