Beeyond Prepared

My amigurumi bumblebee

People love bees. I didn’t think this was the case since they have stingers and all, but it’s true. And they love groups of bees. I didn’t even think to put my amigurumi bees on Etsy until my husband (who hates bees) pushed me to and every time someone has bought a bee, they’ve bought every bee that was available! This has caught me unprepared for restocking more than once. Wanting to keep my shop fully stocked, I’ve been busy as a bee crocheting more bees. I made a lot of bees. I even went beeyond my usual bee colors with this new batch. I now feel prepared for all of the bee-love out there.

My new honeybee.

The first of the new bees is golden. I had a lot of gold yarn around and all of a sudden it hit me that it was the color of honey. Why can’t a bee be gold? Thus, my honeybees were created. They’re exactly the same as the bumblebees, just a golden honey color. It kind of looks like a bumblebee with a tan, actually. Perhaps my next new project will be using this golden yarn to create a beehive. No better place to store your bees than in a matching beehive.

Tiny pale bees and a regular pale bee.

If bees can be darker, why not lighter? I decided to use some pale baby yellow yarn to make a bee. Black yarn seemed to be too much of a contrast against the soft yellow so I substituted charcoal grey. I didn’t just make bees in baby colors though, I made them baby-sized as well. They’re tiny so they’re definitely not baby-safe, but they’re suitable for a baby’s mobile. I’ve actually made them into a mobile with four baby bees and one larger queen bee but I’ve been having trouble staging it for a photo.

A bumblebee hanging from a bush.

This isn’t really new in bees since I’ve always offered it, but it’s new in that it’s visual now: I can add a hanging string to any bee so that you can use it as a tree ornament or hang it off of your rearview mirror (if your area’s laws allow.) If you ever want any of my crochet items to hang, I can add a string for free. I just don’t know if people know that this is an option, so I may offer a hanging bee as a separate Etsy item so that everyone knows it’s available.

The bumblebees are already available in my Etsy shop, the honeybees, pale bees, and hanging bees will follow soon. Hopefully this will keep up with everyone’s bee-needs for the time being. From now on, I’m going to make sure that I’m bee-yond prepared by keeping lots of bees ready.


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I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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