Baby’s Crocheted Teddy Bear

It’s Babies Everywhere Week here at Colleen’s Creations so I’m coming up with my best baby gift ideas. Lately I’ve been trying to find a way to make my stuffed animals baby-safe, or at least safer than they are. Most of my amigurumi animals have small parts sewn on (like tentacles, legs, ears, etc) that I fear a super-strong baby could pull off and choke on. To avoid small parts, I’m making larger animals like this teddy bear.

The teddy bear I made.

All of the parts are sewn into place twice and are big enough that they won’t fit into little mouths (except the ears, they could probably be folded over and stuck in a mouth.) The eyes and nose are embroidered on with black yarn so there are no hard parts, plus they can’t come off. The ribbon around its neck is more for presentation and should be removed before being given to a child (unless I sew it in place, perhaps I’ll try that.) I used a pretty small crochet hook for such a large bear (F/5 3.75mm) to make sure that no stuffing gets through. The stuffing is my concern though; is polyester stuffing the safest stuffing for babies? I like the consistency it gives my stuffed animals, but I’m worried that it might not be safe if a baby manages to get some out of the bear. The bag says it’s washable and non-allergenic (and recycled!) so I assume it’s reasonably safe. I prefer it to poly pellets as I’m sure a couple of them would pop out of a crocheted bear with rough play. Does anyone know what the safest stuffing for baby toys is?

This time with the flash on so you can see the face.

I like this big bear better than the little polar bear I made a while back, so I may make a white bear for my friend’s toddler using this design. Any safety suggestions before I make another one for a baby? If I can figure out how to explain how to make the ears, I might type out the pattern.


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