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Beeyond Prepared

People love bees. I didn’t think this was the case since they have stingers and all, but it’s true. And they love groups of bees. I didn’t even think to put my amigurumi bees on Etsy until my husband (who … Continue reading

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I’ll Always Remember My First

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I didn’t make my first Etsy purchase until this week. I know you’re asking how could anyone hold out for that long? There’s a million adorable things I’ve been eyeing over my … Continue reading

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Makin’ a Photo Book

My crafts have been bumped down on my list of priorities lately, I’ve had a whole lot of important stuff to do. One of the most pressing projects I’m working on now is a Shutterfly photo book. I’d never heard … Continue reading

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin So I’ve just heard about a site called Bloglovin and I’ve added my blog to it. Let’s see how this goes.

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Cleaning Up After Baby

If there’s one thing I know about babies, it’s that they’re messy. There’s spit-up, mushy food, and various bodily fluids everywhere. If cleaning up after babies weren’t enough work, everything around the baby has to be squeaky clean to protect … Continue reading

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Baby Blankets

Ah, the classic baby blanket. It’s not a baby shower cliché; if you make it, you can make it a keepsake. I’ve blogged about the simplest blanket pattern ever, the one that follows the classic dishcloth style. Anyone who can … Continue reading

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Babies Everywhere Continued

Aaaaaand I’m back! I’m finally on the mend after being sick for over a week, plus I had some important business to attend to, then I got a custom order… Excuses, excuses, excuses. Baby week fell apart. I did mail … Continue reading

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