Work in Progress Wednesday

I just found out that Wednesday has become Work in Progress (WIP) Wednesday, so I figured I’d share my work in progress. On Monday I sold out of my little amigurumi bumblebees so I’m working like a madwoman to get more into my shop.

Bumblebees in progress

My husband gets full credit for the bees being in the Etsy shop at all. After I had a few prototype bees, he urged me to put them up on Etsy because he thought people would like them. Sure enough, they got lots of likes and sold out! So this is my public declaration that my husband was right, the bumblebees should be on Etsy. Since I’m on my fourth bee now, they’ll be back up in my shop shortly.

3 bumblebees I made in the last couple of days

Next I think I’ll add hanger strings to the bees to turn them into ornaments for a Christmas or Easter tree, houseplant, or rearview mirror, or I might try to make a mobile out of them. If I stay on this bee-making kick I might be able to do all of these projects sooner than later.


About clln

I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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