Bear Timbits

Ever since I made that amigurumi polar bear, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can improve on it. In my mind, “improved” means rounder and cuter. So I decided to go back to the bear-making table and give it another go with a brown bear and a black bear. The results (though hard to see because they’re so dark) were these two limbless, round bears that resemble Timbits/donutholes.

Brown bear and black bear

The polar bear.

I know it’s hard to see them, I think I may have to take them outside to get a clear photo. Now I need some input. Is it weird that they don’t have limbs? Does it look like it’s just a head? I don’t want anyone to think of decapitated bears when they see these. To compare, to the right is a photo of the polar bear I made earlier with limbs.

Maybe I should make them some little floppy limbs… Oh my, I need direction on these bears. Maybe I’ll make a polar bear timbit for better photo comparison. Any thoughts?


About clln

I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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2 Responses to Bear Timbits

  1. maudiemaudie says:

    I think they’d look better with limbs! They look good, but the polar bear looks great. In fact I love him!

  2. clln says:

    Thanks! The consensus is definitely to add limbs to them. Time to give these little guys some legs!

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