The Lastest in Flat Cats

The weather is working against me, it’s so dark and grey outside that I don’t have sufficient natural light to take enough photos to list my newest project on Etsy. I’ve been dying to unveil them because I’m pretty excited about it. Maybe I can just give you a little hint about them with the couple of photos I managed to get yesterday.

Sure, it looks like your average teeny-tiny Flat Cat. So does the other one I’ve made so far.

There’s something about these itty-bitty Flat Cats, though. No, it’s not that they’re the runt of some Flat Cat litter. There’s something else. These Flat Cats work. They serve a function. You might even say that they can hold their own, plus a little extra. As a hint, they’re going to appear in the Housewarming section of my Etsy shop. Figured it out yet? No? Then you can wait until I list them and make a full announcement on here. Hopefully the sun comes out soon so I can take more photos!


About clln

I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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