Meet Megacat, Earth-Friendly Grandfather of Flat Cats

Ever wonder how my Flat Cats came to be? No, it wasn’t my longing to be a cat lady. They were all inspired by the most creative wedding gift my husband and I received: Megacat.

Megacat, the upcycled tshirt cat by my sister Monica

Megacat's back

Megacat was made by my sister, Monica. Monica and I share a love of bizarre cats and owls, so she decided to incorporate this into a wedding gift. She upcycled a t-shirt I used to wear in high school. I bought it in the boys’ section of Old Navy and while the giant red robot print and the boyish sizing seemed pretty awesome when I was 17, it doesn’t work so well for me now. Monica fished it out of my donation pile, cut a cat shape out freehand, sewed on some old buttons from my mom’s button jar, and embroidered a mouth, tail, and message onto it with embroidery floss. Lastly, she dubbed him Megacat as an homage to the robot that covers his entire front.

Megacat made a lovely addition to our couch. He makes a great snuggle buddy, he has entertained our youngest guests, and he’s quite a conversation starter for our older guests. I wanted to make Monica a strange cat as a gift, and thus my journey into cat crafting had begun.

Wayne and Harriet, cats made from an upcycled towel.

Megacat was just the first cat made out of recycled materials. I used a towel that was half-ruined (apparently my husband cleans up excess grout with good towels, and dry grout doesn’t wash off) to create my first cats. I used the half of the towel with no grout on it, cut out some cat shapes, sewed buttons on for eyes, and embroidered faces. That’s how Harriet and Wayne came to be. An otherwise unusable bath towel had found new life (trust me, I’d used the towel accidentally after a shower and it was unusable as a bath towel. It was um, exfoliating.)

Felt cat and owl

From there I started working with Eco-Fi felt, which is made out of 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. I used it to craft a small cat and owl (remember the story of The Owl and the Pussycat?) The owl didn’t really stick with me, but the cat created Flat Cats as we know them today.

So in honor of Earth Day today, I hope you enjoy the story of how Megacat inspired Flat Cats. I also hope it inspires you to get out there and recycle something of your own. All of the cats in this post were made out of recycled materials so I’m sure you can make something amazing out of something recycled too. Those old t-shirts you’ll never wear again could make a cute and bizarre pillow. That sweater at the thrift store could make an awesome stuffed animal. And that pop bottle you’re drinking out of better make it into a recycling bin; it could be my next Flat Cat!

Megacat and some Flat Cats

Have you upcycled anything? What have you made out of recycled materials? Share it with us in the comments.


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I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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