New Etsy Item: Bumblebees

My new bumblebees!

It took a couple of protoypes (named Bigbee and Babybee,) a few weeks, and many direct hits from my husband’s bee-bombs (a thrown protype bee,) but I finally perfected my bumblebees to the point that they can be put in my Etsy shop!

Full-frontal bumblebees.

I’m thinking that these bees could still use some perfecting. A string to make them a hanging ornament? A stick to make it a plant ornament? A mobile? A pencil-topper? The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned for more bumblebee products. In the meantime, the very versatile bumblebees can be found here.

No stingers, they're harmless.

Bird's eye view. Er, other bee's eye view?

Just be thankful that these bees were based on the tiny Babybee protype. Bigbee is so large that getting hit with a Bigbee bee-bomb isn’t pleasant.


About clln

I'm a crafty lady living in Rhode Island.
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